PBT Automatic Radius Measurement (ARM) System

Assures Near Perfection, Saving Time and Costs

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Made in Switzerland

Assuring bend accuracy every time

Using PBT's Automatic Radius Measurement (ARM) system, even complex bends, complex profiles and demanding materials can be manufactured without error - all managed by operators who may not have years of bending or programming experience. With the ARM, most radii are possible to achieve to specified levels without rejects, or costly and time-consuming test runs. In most cases even changed material properties can be handled without problems.

  • Fully automatic radius measurement is based in PBT's PC400 control systems
  • The pneumatic gauge heads can be positioned variably to the right and left of the bending rollers
  • The ARM can accurately measure one or more different radii in the same profile
  • Continuous and cyclical measurement of the actual manufactured radius is expected -- making repeat series production easy, efficient and productive
  • After measurement of the actual manufactured radius, and evaluating springback, automatic correction takes place until each proper radius is reached
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PBT Automatic radius measuring system for PBT profile bending machines - Detail

Customer benefits

  • Saves time – no monitoring of the bending process by machine operator required
  • Saves resources, minimizing error and waste materials, while employees focus on other tasks during the bending process
  • Saves costs – batch-related deviations are a thing of the past

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