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Innovative profile bending technology for a range of requirements

Based on more than 30 years of experience, PBT profile bending machines are among the best in the industry. Whether operated via our intuitive digital control systems or manually, when bending profiles, PBT's profile bending machines ensure precise radii and repeatability. In the PBT product portfolio you will find the ideal profile bending machine and control for your individual requirements.

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PBT profile bending machines overview

ARKUS12 PBT15 PBT25 PBT35 Servo Wide HELIX Servo
Force X-axis 12 t 15 t 27 t 35 t 65 t
Positioning accuracy of the X-axis 0,01 mm 0,01 mm 0,01 mm 0,01 mm 0,01 mm
Drive of X-axis Valve controlled hydraulics Valve controlled hydraulics Valve controlled hydraulics SERVOHydraulics
clean - low noise - 70% energy savings
clean - low noise - 70% energy savings
Stroke of X-axis 200 mm 300 mm 265 mm 390 mm 445 mm
Max. insertion width 135 mm with roll ring D105
60 mm with bending device
263 mm with roll ring D105
238 mm with roll ring D130
243 mm with roll ring D150 293 mm with roll ring D150
(optionally 350 mm with roll ring D150)
415 mm with roll ring D220
Hydraulic oil volume 7 litres 17 litres 17 litres 9 litres 9 litres
Shaft drive; individually driven! Electric motors, clean and low noise Electric motors, clean and low noise Electric motors, clean and low noise SERVO DRIVE - clean - low noise - 100% torque at any speed SERVO DRIVE - clean - low noise - 100% torque at any speed
Dynamic speed control of the shafts 1 – 30 rpm 1 – 20 rpm 1 – 22 rpm 1 – 16 rpm 1 – 8 rpm
Max. torque per shaft 500 Nm 800 Nm 1600 Nm 3000 Nm 9000 Nm
Shaft height 110 mm
(optionally 220 mm)
275 mm 300 mm 400 mm
500 mm
Shaft diameter Ø 40 mm 40 mm
65 mm
105 mm 105 mm
130 mm
Shaft supports optional series series series
Front shaft distance 256 (optional 80) – 518 mm 110 - 800 mm 200–1000 mm 360-1120/1400 mm
630–1330 mm
Manual Z-axis (static) series series series - -
Cranked Z-axis (dynamic) optionally optionally optionally optionally -
CNC-controlled Z-axis (dynamic) optionally 4 t optionally 2 t optionally 2 t or 4 t optionally 4 t series 4 t
Control / Software::
Machine control Manual / Tablet Teach-In / TABLET350 / PC400 PC400 Manual / Tablet Teach-In / TABLET350 / PC400 PC400 PC400
Operating system Windows 10 Windows 10 Windows 10 Windows 10 Windows 10
General technical data:
Connection 3 x 400 VAC, 16 A 3 x 400 VAC, 20 A 3 x 400 VAC, 32 A 3 x 400 VAC, 32 A 3 x 400 VAC, 62 A
KW 2 kw 4 kw 7 kw 15 kw 34 kw
Length / width / height 905 mm / 950 mm / 1125 mm 1400 mm / 1450 mm / 1370 mm 1680 mm / 1.250 mm / 1390 mm 1970 mm / 1.860 mm / 1420 mm 2520 mm / 2240 mm / 1760 mm
Weight 540 kg 1275 kg 1150 kg 2250 kg 5500 kg
Transportability of the machine Pallet truck Pallet truck Pallet truck / Drawbar Crane Crane

Advantages of our profile bending machines

The state-of-the-art profile bending machines from PBT impress with an impressively precise and efficient mode of operation, convenient and comprehensible operation, and a flexible module and expansion concept. In this way, they can be used in a wide variety of industries. An uncomplicated exchange of tools, the possibility of an automatic CNC control as well as optional additional equipment for special bending processes underline the flexible basic concept of the bending technology from PBT.

Thanks to more than 25 years of experience in the complex field of profile bending technology and in the construction of profile bending machines and software controls, we are technologically up-to-date and know exactly which machine and which range of functions is ideal for your industry and requirements. From the selection of the right model from our versatile machine portfolio and the appropriate bending tool to the desired realization and the final commissioning and training of your employees, we support you in all project phases related to your new profile bending machine. If required, we also plan and develop individual special machines in close coordination with our customers.

Powerful and versatile - mandrel bending devices as extensions

Our innovative and modular profile bending machines can be supplemented with a wide range of additional equipment and extensions in their functional scope to meet your bending requirements. These include special mandrel bending devices that are compatible with any of our three-roll bending machines. Thanks to a specially designed mandrel, it is possible here to bend even thin-walled and fragile profiles or tubes safely and reliably, even in tight radii up to two and a half times the profile diameter.

Profile bending by means of a mandrel device is achieved by means of three rolls positioned next to each other, which can be moved into each other, and a mandrel and mandrel bar assembly. In the CNC-controlled version, a booster automatically presses the profile over the mandrel into the machine, where the desired profile bend is then precisely implemented. On request, the mandrel can be equipped with or without minimum quantity lubrication and can be automatically retracted after the bending process.

The mandrel tool for the mandrel line as well as the special tool for the bending machine are drawn on the basis of their profile with many years of experience, manufactured in steel, aluminum or plastic and tested in our factory.

Powerful profile bending machines for your field of application

PBT offers state-of-the-art profile bending machines as automated, CNC-controlled solutions for a wide range of applications. Our powerful CNC profile bending machines score with extremely high repeatability and maximum efficiency. In addition, they can be seamlessly integrated into larger production chains, significantly increasing productivity and flexibility.

Modern, flexible and software-based operating elements allow convenient creation, storage and access to bending programs and operations. Depending on the level of knowledge of the employees and the complexity of the bending operations, you can choose from four different interfaces, each of which has different strengths in terms of machine configuration and programming. The professional setting of our profile bending machines works without any programming knowledge and can be carried out intuitively after a one-time briefing by the PBT team of experts.

PBT Profile bending machine ARKUS12®
PBT35 Servo Wide®

PBT profile bending machines - personal advice and individual special machines

Which profile bending machine is best suited for your application depends on a variety of factors. For example, the dimensions and properties of the profiles to be bent, the materials and the desired bends have an influence on the choice of operation and size of the machine. Other influencing factors are the decision of profile-relevant extensions and the design of the special tool. For this reason, we take sufficient time with each of our customers' projects to find the ideal solution of profile bending machines incl. special tools for the respective area of application within the scope of a personal consultation. For this purpose, please contact us directly or contact one of our competent sales partners, who are located at numerous locations around the globe from Europe to the USA and Asia.

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