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Made in Switzerland

Customer-driven, industry-proven

The capability of the PBT25® profile bending machine was developed with considerable input from experienced PBT customers. This versatile profile bending machine features master Swiss craftsmanship and modular tooling that makes it simple to convert to new work processes quickly and efficiently. The machine has three individually-driven and infinitely adjustable rollers which can bend large cross-sections, including part profiles up to 11.81” (300mm) in height. The machine’s flexible configuration allows operators to work from both sides. Modern ergonomic design makes the PBT25® comfortable to operate, while PBT’s powerful CNC control systems keep operation simple and smooth for operators of any experience level.

PBT Profile bending machine PBT25®


  • Continuously adjustable front roller distance: minimal 200 mm, providing the smallest radii and perfect transitions
  • All three rollers are driven by powerful, clean and low-noise electric motors up to 22 rpm
  • Minimum oil volume 18 litres
  • Roller support / steady rest for all three shafts is standard without any additional cost
  • 300 mm high rollers
  • Reduced risk of accidents as bending direction away from operator
  • Ergonomic working conditions
  • Movable with drawbar
  • Working on both sides is possible: at the front: rolling; at the rear: chamfering
  • High-performance control systems
  • Consultation, training and commissioning are available from Boschert USA
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Swiss quality
  • Lower maintenance costs

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Application areas

Due to tits versatility the PBT25 has a wide range of application areas. The machine provides valuable services in innumerable sectors of industry (automotive engineering, aerospace, materials handling/conveyor technology, metal construction, architectural paneling and lighting, window construction, metalworking, steel construction and space technology).