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Increase efficiency and productivity with the right machine periphery

A processing machine is a complex structure consisting of a multitude of components. These are optimally matched to each other ex works. The machine periphery describes the additional components that support the machine in its function. These can come from the same manufacturer as the basic machine. Often, however, small, specialised suppliers can provide products that decisively increase the efficiency of a machine.

Components of the machine periphery

Typical machine periphery components are as follows:

  • Workpiece fixtures
  • Clamping devices
  • Exchange and wear parts
  • Tooling sets
  • illuminants
  • sensors
  • Protective housing and glazing
  • monitoring systems
  • drives, if necessary
  • Loading and unloading

Workpiece fixtures and clamping devices ensure that a semi-finished product is firmly held. These can be milling blocks or round materials. Conversion from manual to electromechanical or hydromechanical operation can shorten machining times or increase the range of semi-finished materials.

Exchange and wear parts are prescribed by the manufacturer of the machine, but are not produced in-house. Standard and standard parts as well as standard components can significantly increase the efficiency of a machine. They range from extended service life to extended maintenance cycles and reduced energy consumption.

Set-up kits are used to change from one tool to another. Set-up times are a central factor in calculating the efficiency of a machine. The longer the changeover takes, the more the efficiency of the machine decreases. This is especially true for machines with frequent tool changes. Even a few seconds of time saved can quickly make itself felt through increased productivity.

Electronic components such as lamps or sensors are subject to technical progress. The manufacturers of these components offer cyclical solutions that far surpass the previous versions. Here, a high effect can be achieved through comparatively low input. The same applies to drives.

Exploiting the potential of a machine

Even if a machine is nearing the end of its depreciation period, it does not necessarily have to be "old hat". Targeted upgrades in the machine periphery can make even older production equipment competitive again. The results of an improved machine periphery can be manifold:

  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction of missing parts
  • Saving of energy
  • improved machine safety
  • improved integration into an automated production network

This requires in-depth consultation with a specialised service provider. For simple areas such as light sources, clamping devices or enclosures, a retrofit can be done quickly. Upgrades to sensors or drives, on the other hand, often require a complex adjustment in the machine control system.