Profile bending machine PBT25®

High-performing and proven

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Made in Switzerland

PBT25® is of a design based on experience, with maximum quality and economy. Due its modular build type it can re-tooled quickly for new work processes. The comparatively high drive rollers allow the bending of profiles up to a height of 300 mm as standard and in maximum quality.

PBT Profile bending machine PBT25®


  • Continuously adjustable front roller distance: minimal 200 mm – this provides for smallest radii with perfect transitions!
  • All 3 rollers driven by powerful, clean and low noise electric motors up to 22 rpm
  • Minimum oil volume 18 litres
  • Roller support / steady rest for all 3 shafts as series standard without any additional charge
  • 300 mm high rollers
  • Reduced risk of accidents as bending direction away from operator
  • Ergonomic working conditions
  • Movable with drawbar
  • Working on both sides possible: at the front: rolling; at the rear: chamfering
  • High-performance control systems
  • Consultation, training and commissioning free of charge in our works
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Swiss quality
  • Lower maintenance costs

Control systems

Application areas

Due to their versatility the PBT25 has a wide range of application areas. The machine provides valuable services in innumerable sectors of industry (automotive engineering, conveyor technology, metal construction, metalworking, steel construction, space technology, etc.).

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