Profile bending machine BENDO®

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Made in Switzerland

Note: The profile bending machine BENDO® is no longer in production since June 2022

BENDO® – Machine of superlatives with regard to performance, ease of operation and quality.. This machine is ideally suited specifically for applications in industry, in contract operations, and is also important for series production. A huge plus is the possibility (optional) to re-tool the standard tool mounting from Ø 65 mm to Ø 105 mm. This option can also be retrofitted at a later stage.

PBT Profile bending machine BENDO®


  • Continuously adjustable front roller distance, minimal 280 mm – this provides for smallest radii with perfect transitions!
  • All 3 rollers driven by powerful, clean and low noise electric motors up to 24 rpm
  • Roller support / steady rest for all 3 shafts as series standard without any additional charge
  • Bending direction away from operator (reduced risk of accidents)
  • Ergonomic working conditions
  • High-performance control system
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Consultation, training and commissioning free of charge in our works
  • Swiss quality
  • Lower maintenance costs

Control systems

Application areas

For BENDO®, there are hardly any limits to the wide range of possible applications in modern industry. (Equipment construction, automotive engineering, conveyor technology, metal construction, steel, etc.)

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