Automatic radius measurement system

Saves time and costs

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Using the automatic radius measurement system, even complex forms with demanding materials can be manufactured without many years of know-how. For many radii it is thus possible to achieve all nominal values without rejects and costly and time-consuming test runs. In most cases even changed material properties can be handled without any problems.

  • Fully automatic radius measurement based on our PC400 control systems
  • The pneumatic gauge heads can be positioned variably to the right and left of the bending rollers
  • Measurement of one or more different radii in the same profile is possible
  • Continuous and cyclical measurement of the actual manufactured radius possible
  • After measurement of the actual manufactured radius, automatic correction takes place until nominal radius is reached
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PBT Automatic radius measuring system for PBT profile bending machines - Detail

Your benefits

  • Saves time – no monitoring of the bending process by machine operator required
  • Saves resources – employees can focus on other tasks during the bending process
  • Saves costs – batch-related deviations are a thing of the past

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