Bending press

Forming sheet metal with the bending press

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A bending press is a stationary device for forming sheet metal. They are used to provide bendable flat material with defined angles. The angles always run from edge to edge. Bending presses are simple machines that can be used in many different ways. Another common word for this stationary tool is the "bending bench".

Construction of a bending press

A bending press consists of a flat machine table, which is extended around the bending tool. For the bending tool, the following two construction forms are available:

  • Swivel bending press
  • Bending press
The swing bending press consists of a cantilever plate to which a weight is attached. The sheet is placed on the machine table and pushed under the cantilever plate. The plate can then be moved radially by the counterweight. In doing so, it bends the inserted plate at the desired angle. When the bending process is finished, the bent plate is pulled out to the front.

A pressure bending press has a two-part, v-shaped tool. The lower part is firmly connected to the machine table. The upper part is attached to a lowerable weight. This weight is designed as a large steel plate on high-quality press brakes. The weight is moved with the tool into its counterpart via two guide rails. The further the tools are moved together, the more the sheet metal between them is bent. At the end of the bending process, the upper tool part moves back to its home position. The bent sheet can then be pulled out forwards or backwards.

Use of the bending press

Press brakes are available in many different sizes and designs. Small presses for thin sheets can be operated manually by muscle power. The largest press brakes have a hydraulic drive and can form sheets several centimetres thick. This makes this tool very versatile. The press brake is part of the standard equipment of a locksmith's workshop.

The bending press has the advantage that it can produce many different bending angles with the same tool. Only the maximum angle is fixed on the tool. Thus, a 90° angle tool cannot produce a sheet with an angle of 30°. This requires a modification of the machine. This can be done quickly and easily. The two-part bending tool is screwed onto both supports and can be exchanged within a few minutes.

Products of a bending press

A bending press produces bending plates. These are used for the following products:

  • Housings
  • rails
  • tubs
  • body parts
  • structural elements
  • tanks
  • Trapezoidal sheets

Bending presses produce single pieces or small series. If the design of a series product allows it, the press brake can also be used for large runs. For this purpose, it can be easily automated by means of an appropriate cycle and feed control.