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Solution for the implementation of individual special requests for metal design

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Made in Switzerland


  • Bending solution that enables the forming of profiles and tubes in a wide variety of ways
  • Challenge: tight schedule, high precision and flexibility of the machine


  • Use of the PBT25 three-roller profile bending machine
  • Powerful control system
  • Turnkey setup


  • Simple operation
  • More flexibility for changing orders (different bending radii)
  • High degree of precision in forming possible

Solution for the implementation of individual special requests for metal design

Kunstschlosserei Eickhoff specialises in the implementation of individual special requests in terms of metal design. The company, which is located on the grounds of a former farm, handles a wide variety of projects, 90 percent of which are in the field of stainless steel, aluminium, steel or brass processing. The spectrum ranges from stair railings to pieces of furniture, garden and landscape construction to custom-made products for trade fair construction. The latter presented Kunstschlosserei Eickhoff with a special challenge: for the IAA trade fair stand of the company Schmitz Cargobull, two identical, stylistic frames of full-size truck tractors were commissioned to be reproduced 1:1 from tubes - and all this within only 8 weeks. Due to the tight schedule, a quick solution was needed that could make the production as simple as possible and ensure a particularly high degree of precision in the shaping of the tubes. PBT Germany GmbH, formerly INDUMASCH GmbH, was able to supply the right machine: Within one week, the PBT25 three-roller profile bending machine from the Swiss parent company PBT Profilbiegetechnik AG was installed on the part of PBT Germany. In just one day, the employees of the metalworking shop were trained on site so that the production of the truck frames could begin.

The decisive factor in the choice of the PBT25 profile bending machine was, on the one hand, its precision in forming, so that two absolutely identical frames could be produced. On the other hand, it was the flexibility that is ensured thanks to the modular design of the machine as well as the possibility to store different programmes. Since the Eickhoff locksmith's shop always has to fulfil changing orders, this criterion was particularly important in order to use the machine as needed for the most varied requirements.

"For Kunstschlosserei Eickhoff, the purchase of the PBT25 represented a one-off and long-term acquisition. Although the machine does not run here in two-shift operation, it brings great relief, optimised work processes as well as excellent end results for the tasks that arise in metal design," says PBT Germany Managing Director Peter Sting, explaining its use, which also offers real added value in environments with small bending tasks.

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Kunstschlosserei Eickhoff:

Die Kunstschlosserei Eickhoff zeichnet sich durch ihre Vielseitigkeit in der Gestaltung und Bearbeitung von Metall aus. Die hier gefertigten Produkte sind meist Unikate und speziell auf Kundenwunsch gefertigt. Dabei verbindet das von Schlossermeister, Metallbaumeister und Gestalter im Handwerk Rainer Eickhoff gegründete Unternehmen Innovation und Kreativität mit Tradition und setzt neben sorgfältiger Handarbeit auch modernste Maschinen ein.