Pool enclosure

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Increase utility value and extend service life with a pool enclosure

An enclosure transforms an open swimming pool in the garden into a small indoor pool. The dome keeps dirt, leaves and insects out. This significantly reduces the need to clean the pool. In addition, a pool enclosure contributes to a longer service life of the pool. Thanks to the greenhouse effect, it will still be pleasantly warm under the roof even when the temperatures outside no longer invite you to swim.

Structure of a pool enclosure

A pool enclosure consists of the following components:

  • Static construction made of profile tubes
  • Suspended glazing
  • Additional elements such as hatches or doors

The load-bearing structure of a retrofitted pool enclosure consists of hollow sections. Curved round tubes are preferred for dome-shaped roofs. Hall-shaped pool roofs with gable or trapezoidal roofs, on the other hand, are usually made of R or Q profiles. The closed round or corner profiles give the roof the greatest stability.

The glazing of most pool roofs consists of double-webbed sheets. These have the following advantages:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Diffusion of the incident sunlight
  • Optimum privacy
  • Heat-insulating properties

Double-webbed sheets can be easily sawn to the desired size. They are then glued into the base frame. Incident sunlight is dispersed. This means that people are not dazzled even when the sun is low in the sky and the pool is always optimally illuminated.

Double web panels are only partially transparent. Unpleasant glances from outside are thus prevented.

The hollow chambers in double-webbed sheets have heat-insulating properties. This increases the greenhouse effect under the dome and considerably reduces heating costs. This makes the pool usable early in the year and until late in the autumn.

An alternative to double-glazed panels are individually manufactured double-glazed panels. However, this solution is considerably more expensive.

Pool enclosure maintenance

A pool enclosure requires a lot of maintenance and care. However, the models available today are so robust that they can withstand cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner. This makes regular maintenance quick and efficient. However, the maintenance of a pool enclosure is disproportionate to the cleaning effort of a pool. All in all, the owner of a pool enclosure saves a considerable amount of maintenance effort for his garden swimming pool.

Ausführungen der Poolüberdachungen

Pool enclosures are available in many different variations:

  • Dome roofs
  • Trapezoidal and gable roofs
  • Flat roofs
  • semi-open
  • closed
  • wall-less

The question of dome, trapezoidal or gable roofs depends primarily on personal taste. More important is the question of whether the pool enclosure should be closed, semi-open or wall-less. Semi-open enclosures protect against the entry of leaves and direct sunlight. Closed enclosures turn the pool into a real swimming pool. Wall-less pool enclosures are only suitable for protecting the water when not in use. When choosing the enclosure, local building regulations may also need to be taken into account.