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There are different types of connection profiles. Most often they are used in the installation of windows. For this reason, they are usually referred to as window connection profiles. They are used for mounting interior or exterior window sills and have the purpose of reliably draining water that accumulates. Whenever a window sill has to be installed under the window, a connection profile is necessary. The sustainable sealing of connection joints is particularly important to permanently prevent damage from water penetration. In most cases, window sill connections with a height of 30 mm are used. These are installed centrally below the window elements. However, there are also connection profiles with a height of 40 mm or 60 mm, which can be used depending on the planned application. 

New construction or old building - which connection profile variant is suitable for my project?

A basic distinction is made between new construction profiles and old building profiles. If a window sill already exists on the outside and is lower than on the inside, old building profiles are used. The purpose of these connecting profiles is to compensate for the difference in height.

New construction profiles are used when exterior aluminum window sills are used. Although these profiles can also be used in the old building, but here it is essential to ensure that the height offset is not too high.

Installation of old building connection profiles

The installation of an old building connection profile is sometimes very complicated. The most important thing here is to work precisely. Equally important is the subsequent sealing, which must be done completely all around. Only in this way can the heating energy remain in the house.

If, for example, the base is a sloping window sill made of clinker tiles, the connecting sheet can be mounted on the tiles and then sealed with silicone.

In principle, it is important to ensure that the connection profile is always mounted below the window. In case of uncertainty, it is advisable to consult a specialist or have the installation of connection profiles carried out directly by a specialist. Translated with (free version)